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Ally'd is Product Hunt for professionals. Ally'd helps you discover the best people to network with in any industry or trade. Upvote. Promote. Discover.

We are in our pre-launch and are offering all who join 6 months of our pro product free.

  • Our why: Ever wonder how some of your friends seem to know everyone, or everyone seems to know them? Ever asked yourself, how do I grow my circle or network? Ally’d is a gamified directory like social network for professionals to grow and network with one another.

    It works by simply signing up and posting a question or leaving feedback. You’ll receive upvotes and points depending on how active you are and how much users upvote you and your content. See your reputation/score change daily, and befriend the users you find on Linkedin.
  • Spamming is fo suckers!: We will never sell your information.

  • Next steps: Be sure to check back often for updates and even jobs. Share Ally'd with your friends and let us know if we're on to something!

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